The Slipper Orchid Alliance



It is important to us that we maintain accurate records, so please be sure to fill out all of the information below. For questions contact Tim Culbertson via email:


If you are mailing a printed copy this form, PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY.

Date: _________________ New _____ Renewal _____

Name of Individual Member or Household: ____________________________________

Name of Second Person at Same Address: ____________________________________

Supporting Member (Individual, Business or Group): _________________________________

Street: _____________________________________________

City: _________________________ State/Province: ________ Zip: _________ Country: ____________

Home phone: _________________ Office/Other phone: __________________

E-mail address:______________________________________________

Web-site address:____________________________________________

                 Individual Member or Household: Put an "X" on the line for the subscription you choose:

Online/Emailed Newsletter:  One Year ($20) ___    Two years ($38) ___    Three years ($55) ___

Printed/Mailed Newsletter - USA & Canada: One Year ($30) __    Two years ($58) __       Three years ($80) ___

Printed/Mailed Newsletter – International: One Year ($35) ___    Two years ($65) ___     Three years ($95) ___

Supporting Member:   One Year ($50) ___     Two years ($95) ___       Three years ($140) ___

Donation: ________

                                         [ ] I am paying my dues online via PayPal

                                      [ ] I am sending a check with this form via snail mail.

                                 [ ] I am sending a check via snail mail after e-mailing this form.


RENEW ONLINE : To email this form, simply "select all text" in the space between the two red lines below and copy it. You may need to drag your cursor over all of the text and highlight it, then choose copy, and then paste it into a blank page of a word processing documnet -  OR - Click on this link:   and an email window willl open. Paste the copied form into the message area of the email. Enter your information where there are blank lines and boxes and put "SOA DUES" in the subject line and click "send". The email will go to the SOA Membership Secretary. Then pay your dues via PayPal online - go to the bottom of this page and you will find a linkto the SOA Payment Center.

If you send your membership form via email, but prefer to mail your check rather than using PayPal, please check the last box at the bottom of the form, and mail your check to:

Tim Culbertson

159 Sands Place

Oceanside, CA 92054.

TO RENEW MEMBERSHIP AND PAY DUES VIA REGULAR MAIL: Print the membership form after copying it and pasting it into a word processsing application. Fill out the printed copy by hand. Then mail the form with your check to Tim Culbertson.