The Slipper Orchid Alliance


[Reprinted from Fall 2000 SOA Newsletter]

Marilyn LeDoux uses her base mix for Phragmipediums with additions  

* 9 quarts fine bark (Sequoia).

* 3 quarts perlite or sponge rock.

* 3 quarts fine to extra fine charcoal (#3 or #4)

* 3 quarts fluffed Canadian peat or Pro-Mix HP (or similar peat-based mix).

* 1/ 2 cup bone meal.

For Phrag (Mexipedium) xerophyticum, I add to the above formula:

* 1/4 cup dolomitic lime.

* 1/4 more charcoal for good drainage to any size part of this mix separated out. For example, for two cups of the above mix, I add  cup or more of extra fine charcoal.

“ I never use rockwool in my xerophyticum mix.”

By Marilyn LeDoux, Windy Hill Gardens, Labadie, MO